Understanding The Best Cannabis Software For Online Dispensaries

Cannabis Software
Source: Trellis Grows

Online marijuana dispensaries are thriving in Canada and it is one of the most lucrative business opportunities at the moment. The numerous advantages associated with buying marijuana from online dispensaries have further fueled the growth of online cannabis industry. However, like any business, this one too has its own challenges. You may have designed a great website and have an extensive collection of marijuana products to cater to your customer needs, but to take the online order 24/7 and process it correctly you need the best cannabis in the market.

Compromising with the quality of software can impact the user experience of your website and also result in monetary losses. Hence we recommend that you shop around and invest in the highest quality cannabis company. 

Here are some of the key points you need to consider before buying cannabis software. 

  1. Cost 

Price point or cost is perhaps the most common deciding factor when buying weed online. As an online dispensary owner, you will need software with excellent capabilities at an affordable price. The needs of cannabis retailers that have multiple locations differ from the ones that just have one store. So, you may need software with different pricing plans to suit multiple locations. Even if you have just one store at present, we would suggest that you invest in software with varying pricing points so that it can accommodate your needs when you think of expanding your business. 

However, if you have a limited budget and you have no plans of opening another store in the near future, you may choose affordable software with limited price points.

  1. Capabilities 

Software capabilities are an important factor to consider and you will need a system that can streamline your daily operations. It should be able to keep a track of your expenses, inventory and patient history. If you have an online presence, it should be able to maintain a record of orders placed through the website and track couriers of the packages sent. 

Make sure your delivery driver is armed with a mobile application that tracks the package in the transit and keeps the customers updated. As a dispensary owner, you need to first prioritize the must-have features you need in cannabis software

  1. State Law

There are strict state and local laws that the marijuana dispensaries have to comply with. As a result, you need to produce accurate inventory or sales report on a regular basis to avoid hefty fines. With cannabis, the entire process becomes automated and it becomes easier to track sales and generate daily reports. 

For example, it is a common mistake for a new dispensary staff member to oversell to a client unintentionally, but this may be considered a serious offence. Good software alerts the staff if the maximum limit of a client’s daily purchase is exceeded. It also helps you avoid the expensive mistakes. 

  1. Easy Integration With Websites

In the past, a dedicated staff was needed to update the inventory and other details in the website. Today, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the website so the inventory and menu are all updated automatically. This not only helps the dispensary owner but also enables the customers to see the products that are actually in-stock. 

  1. Marketing Tools

As the legal weed market continues to grow and flourish, most dispensaries now have an online presence to raise their visibility and expand their target market. As a result most of the best cannabis software now come with online integration and marketing tools to assist with your digital marketing campaigns. Look for software that allows you to send text messages and emails to engage customers and inform them about the discounts and offers.